Traumatic Brain Injury Induces Genome-Wide Transcriptomic, Methylomic, and Network Perturbations in Brain and Blood Predicting Neurological Disorder

Qingying Menga, Yumei Zhuanga, Zhe Yinga, Rahul Agrawala, Xia Yanga, , , Fernando Gomez-Pinillaa,b, , 

Accepted 31 January 2017

Traumatic Brain Injuries, often accompanied by serious physical and even physiological difficulties, are very complicated injuries making diagnosis and treatment hard to develop. Advances regarding the understanding of physiological impact of the traumatic brain injury show its effect in altering epigenetic and transcriptional action of genes in the brain and blood. When compared with the results of a human genome-wide association study regarding TBI-related brain disorders, suggests that brain injuries trigger biological predispositions to neurological and psychiatric disorders, and especially that genomic information can be used to help